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The History of the Gunnison Balloon Rally

The Gunnison Balloon Rally HistoryThe Annual Gunnison Independence Day Balloon Rally, sponsored by the Trough Restaurant, gets underway on Friday, July 1st and will continue through Mondayy, July 4th. Balloonists from all over the west will gather to launch their colorful balloons early (very early!!) each morning from Jorgensen Park. From there the balloons follow the prevailing winds. They may land in the street or in an empty lot by your house! Have your camera ready. Many beautiful balloons, and their pilots are invited to Gunnison every year to participate in this great event.

Gunnison is a town that knows how to have a good time, especially in Summer. Every year we are fortunate to have the Trough Restaurant Sponsored Balloon Rally roll through town. The event starts on July 3rd with a party at the Ol' Miner Steak House with a meet and greet that brings pilots, crew, and friends together.

Pilot Briefing is at 6:15 am then shortly after the day gets under way. On the 4th, the day starts with the Stars and Stripes being presented by balloon. Everyone stops what they are doing while the national anthem is played, and the balloon lifts off, and unfurls the American flag. It is a very special way to start the day.

The fun continues with pilots and crew filling up balloons, loading up the passengers and ascending into the cool mountain morning air. If you are not in a balloon then you are probably chasing after one across the Gunnison Valley. The balloons make touch and goes until the morning gets to warm and the canopy returns to the basket for the day.

Each Balloon is sponsored by a local company or group. The sponsors are the riders and the crew that make the pilots life more enjoyable on the ground and in the air. We are always looking for new sponsors to bring new balloons to the valley. If you are interested in being a sponsor, please call Stu Barton at 970-275-4104 or send us an email at info@gunnisonballoonrally.com.

It all starts Friday, July 1st
at the Ol' Miner Steak House, 139 N. Main Street 970-641-5153
Registration 5:00 - 7:00pm
Ol Miner Steak House Gunnison Colorado


Balloon Rally With Raul. July 4, 2011 in Gunnison, Colorado


Loading a Balloon Envelope after landing

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