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Dave Tennis

Dave Tennis and CAVUDave Tennis and his balloon CAVUDave Tennis is a commercial pilot as well as a flight instructor with ratings in Lighter than Air and Rotary Wing Aircraft.  He frequently teaches at Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association private and commercial ground schools as well as crew development courses.  He was recently awarded their Sid Cutter award for outstanding contribution to the sport of ballooning.

Dave is a retired Air Force Command Pilot with over 7500 hours flying and simulator experience in Pave Low (MH-53), Jolly Green Giant (HH-3), Huey (UH-1N) and Blackhawk (HH-60).  He proudly served in AF Special Operations and Combat Search and Rescue.  Dave is currently the Lead CV22 Osprey Instructor Pilot at Kirtland AFB NM.

Dave has been flying balloons since 1996 and purchased CAVU in 1999.  CAVU is an old weather term referring to “CEILING AND VISABILITY UNLMIITED” and describes our favorite flying.  CAVU can be seen in Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico.  CAVU is an Aerostar RX-8 and holds 90,000 cubic feet of air, and stands over 6 stories tall and 57” wide.  The envelope and basket (including fuel and burners) weighs 725 pounds and carries two passengers and pilot.

CAVU has been flying in the Trough Gunnison Balloon Rally since 2000 and Dave started as Balloonmeister in 2007.

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